At the moment we are preparing to record a full length promo album, which is planned to be finnished in Summer 2002. So check the page to download the songs when the record is ready.

We have our page on Likely, the download speed will be much better, if you download the songs from there. Click here to get to our mp3 page. (Don't be afraid of registration process there - it's rather fast and is needed only once).

1. Lack Of Comprehension (2002)
     1) Lack Of Comprehension (3829K)

Note: This is a cover version of a classic song by Death. Recorded for the Tribute to Death

2. Betrayer single (2001):
     1) Betrayer (2836K)

Note: This song was recorded to participate in MUSICA fanzine compilation.

3. "Gift" demo (2000):
     1) Hive Of  Lost Souls (4247K)
        2) Betrayer
        3) Moonlight Dance (3613K)
        4) Wishmaster (Live)

Note: These are the oldest records we have. The quallity and production isn't very good and the songs' arrangements have changed a  lot since that time, so please don't judje them too strict :)

Gift Cover



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